Yorgos’ Lanthimos shoots a fashion editorial

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In a different role we see the director Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth, The Lobster). The greek filmmaker shot a fashion editorial for V magazine (for its special issue “Fashion and Film”).

Taylor Hill (an angel of “Victoria Secret”) was the model and the photographs were taken in a house in the english countryside -Lanthimos’ lives with his wife Arianne Labed in London.

The editorial has the characteristic look that made the greek director famous all over the world.

As V magazine says: “This universal vision and inclination towards unconventional premises, coupled with the filmmaker’s calculated visual aesthetic and highly original concepts, made him a perfect choice to fill the pages of V’s first-ever film issue”.

“Lanthimos was engaged, enlightened, and eager to lend his creativity to a new medium. He came armed with a well-crafted concept and curated references. From lighting and fashion to photographic subject and setting, every aspect of the imagery had been carefully researched and thought out. In the coming weeks, we would discuss casting, location, crew, and equipment at length, and the final product was more prolific than any of us could have imagined” writes Sara Zion of V magazine.

“Even with movement and dialogue prohibited by the print medium, Lanthimos succeeded in creating a rich and vivid narrative with lifelike characters. In the family portrait-like photos, Lanthimos captures a feeling of home that is often missing in fashion imagery, but, true to his style, he also incorporates elements of the surreal” Zion continues.

And she continues: “From pre-teen memories of warm days spent by the pool, to the adolescent ability to be unabashedly bikini-clad all summer long, to the first memories of young love, Yorgos taps into that fleeting sense of youth and innocence that summer so often brings”.

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