World Poetry Day: The Sun and the Wind

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the sun and the wind 00bWith a special short film Cinepivates celebrate World Poetry Day. We are introducing the film “The Sun and the Wind” by director Thanasis Neofotistos, a visual fairy-tale that is inspired by an Aesop’s fable and is based on a poem by greek poet Georgios Drosinis.

The student film participated in Drama Film Festival in 2013, in Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young people and in Aviff Cannes. In the film we see a woman in a situation that looks like a nightmare. Colors, sounds, light create a game that comes to life through the eyes of the director -we also have to mention the hand-made sets.

In the film, a woman is walking carefree in the fields, collecting flowers and windmills, completely clueless about what is going to happen to her when the sun and the wind fight over who is stronger. They will both attempt to undress her. Each one uses his strongest assets. The first one uses his force, the second one his warmth. Who will be the winner?

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Thanasis Neofotistos chooses to give the old man’s role to a woman (Maria Economou), while the forces of nature are represented by two small children that antagonize each other by playing an “innocent” game against her.

“I do not know why I chose a female hero. I have been asked again. I love working with women. There is of course a second level: that of the woman-mother who suffers from two children. They could be her children and, in this case, there are” the director has said.

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As for why he decided to do this specific film, the director said:”I was asked to do a non-narrative film for a school project. So, I was looking for short stories and I thought that everything has already been said. And most stories come from the ancient Greek tradition, especially Aesop.”

Watch the film:

Watch the exclusive video with backstage scenes:

The poem by Georgios Drosinis

The Wind was angry
he quarrelled with the Sun.
The Wind claimed: “I’ m stronger!”
The Sun replied: “I outdo you in strength!”

An old farmer
in a black cloak
was heading to his farm.

The Wind spoke:
“He who has the power
will quit the old man’s cloak.”

He huffed and he puffed,
he blew with all his might;
his effort was vain.

The old man grew cold
wrapping himself tighter
in his thick black cloak.

Then the Sun said:
“He who has the power
will quit the old man’s cloak.”

He shone in all his glory
Dissipating kindness,
so the old man
took his thick cloak off.

He spoke once more:
“Hear and learn,
I am stronger than you are,
because you use
whereas I use amenity”.

* Poem Translation by Nataly Stroumtzi.

George Drosinis (1858-1951) was a Greek poet, litterateur and journalist. He is considered as one of the pioneers of the renewing New Athenian School in poetry and Ethography in prose. His first poetry collection «Istoi Arachnis» (spider’s web) marked its appearance. Inspired by Aesop’s fable he wrote the poem “The Sun snd The Wind” that was published in his book Pedika Paramithia (children’s tales) (1889).

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