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It’s summertime – a time when Athens feels hotter than the desert.  Nikos, a broke 30-year-old musician, is chilling poolside and drinking cocktails at a luxurious villa in the northern suburbs. The house belongs to Nikos’ good friend Stavros, who has left him in charge of the property and his beloved dog Leila for the summer. Nikos figures this is a unique opportunity to spend some quality time with his ex-girlfriend Sofia and invites her to stay for a few days.


Sofia accepts with pleasure, not knowing that Nikos’ plans are not as innocent as they seem. Nikos locks himself up in the house with Sofia and refuses to let her leave until she provides some rationale for the break-up, turning their alleged carefree holiday into a mess of games, fights, laughs and introspection. Is Nikos ever going to get the answers he is looking for? Is Sofia ever going to be able to explain why they broke up? AFTERLOV is a funny, poignant and scathing post-love story between two people who refuse to grow up.

Two years after his award-winning short film ELVIS IS DEAD introduced us to Nikos and Sofia, Paschos reignites their tumultuous relationship in AFTERLOV, working again with actors Haris Frangoulis and Iro Bezou.

AFTERLOV, the debut feature from Greek director Stergios Paschos, will receive its world premiere in the Locarno International Film Festival’s “Concorso Cineasti del Presente” on 8 August, 2016.

Greek sales company Heretic Outreach have come on board to handle worldwide sales, with all territories available.

Paschos shot the film in the villa by the renowned director Nikos Nikolaidis’. Nikolaidis has used his home himself in his film The Wretches Are Still Singing.

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