Simos Kyparissopoulos: The Micro μ Festival belongs to its audience

Κατερίνα Σιδηροπούλου September 30, 2016 0

Simos Kyparissopoulos spoke to Cinepivates for the well-known Micro μ Festival and for this year’s organization which will be held on October 1st.

The 6th Micro μ Festival has already renewed its appointment with the audience for this year. Where did the idea come from? A festival dedicated exclusively to short films?

Graduating from drama school, I started working continuously for two years both in theater and television. However, the income wasn’t enough, so I decided to deal with the production.

My participation as an actor in a short film during 2010 was the spark that gave birth to the idea of the Micro μ. More specifically, the idea came up when I was trying to send this film to different festivals, both Greek and international. The truth is that this film did better at international festivals than in Greek ones. So then I realized how many Greek short films, mostly by young artists, remain in directors’ houses without getting to the public. Being a man who hates waiting with his folded hands, I decided to offer to young Greek filmmakers a chance to communicate with the audience through their work.

Then, in June 2011 a desire was born; to organize a projection of short films that the public will have the possibility of awarding the director who will touch most people with his work, with a bonus and then the September 11 organized in the theater that was playing the other 1st Micro m Festival days.

The next year, while being on tour in the province with another theatre company in several cities, I observed some 14305249_1126003210770102_193857048714155841_o-212x300posters of a festival that traveled months after its organisation from town to town and I was feeling sorry thinking that the audience of these cities did not have the opportunity to experience a live participation during a film festival. So, the Micro μ Festival from exists from 2012, has a goal to communicate the short film industry to the largest part of Greece, within and outside the country’s borders.

The Micro μ Festival is considered by many people an innovative project. What are the peculiarities that make it special?

 The Micro μ Festival is the only festival that takes place simultaneously in several cities on the same day. And I say this because, in fact, each city has a small autonomous Micro μ that day. We do not we organize the main event and then display it in many places. Our goal is to set up a feast in every city colored by the local culture, which we believe it’s the real wealth of our country. Also as innovative could probably be characterized the idea behind the festival. The Micro μ belongs to its audience. Before you laugh at me, let me explain. Behind the festival there is not a large production company or any investors. With its own resources and a group of friends and volunteers who love cinema, we organize it every year. A personal bet for me is to maintain our enthusiasm and independence. I think that even if the media haven’t help with the publicity, the festival would be loved by both the audience and the directors.

For me, it is extremely honorable to accept every year invitations from new cities, by people who believe in our idea and want to be part of the Micro μ network. These things show me that despite the ideas that I have in my mind about the festival, we are doing it great so far.

12079661_10153233249753517_8399894488949827008_n-300x300What is the process of giving the award to best film?

While entering the hall, the viewers will receive, apart from their ticket that we always try to keep at a very low price, the festival’s program that contains the details and the filmmakers that will compete and one ballot paper that they will use after the end of the show in order to vote up to three of them. After counting, we have the announcement of “THE FAVOURITE MOVIE” and the director will receive, except for the trophy, and a paycheck of 1,500 euros, an offer by RGB Studios for his next film.

This year, which cities will have the opportunity to host the 6th Micro m Festival?

 This year, the 6th Micro Festival will open its doors in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Rhodes, Corfu, Heraklion, Chania, Ptolemaida, Veria, Xanthi, Paris and New York on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 19: 00. For information about the halls and ticket sales on the site of Micro μ (

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