Shooting stars: Alexis Georgoulis

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He is considered one of the most handsome and charming men in Greece with appearances in both TV shows and films. Actor and director, Alexis Georgoulis is a person that doesn’t want to be famous through his personal life, but through his work.

Mini bio

Alexis Georgoulis was born in 1974 in the Greek town of Larissa.

Between 1988 and 1993, he took guitar lessons at the conservatoire of Larissa and in 1993 he enrolled in the Civil Engineering program at the National Technical University of Athens. In 1996, he began taking acting classes at two different drama schools. During that time, he also took classes in phonetics. In 1997, he was accepted at the prestigious “Iasmos” school of acting, which was established by the pioneering drama instructor, Vasilis Diamandopoulos. Alexis Georgoulis graduated from “Iasmos” earning the highest honors.

Tv Career

In 1997, Alexis Georgoulis took part in the production of “Carmen 33” and of “I Epistrofi”.

During that time, he was also cast in the TV series “Alice in Wonderland” and in the short live action film “Tou kanenos to rodo”. In 2001, he directed a short film called “Apo tin alli pleura” and he co-starred in the sitcom “Eisai to tairi mou”, which became a huge success and propelled his career to the top.

In 2003, he starred in  the series “Oniro itan” directed by Mirella Papaoikonomou, and during next year he co – starred in the sitcom “Erastis Ditikon Proastion” with Marilita Lambropoulou. During 2005 – 2006 Alexis Georgoulis has a double role in the TV. He writes the scenario for a drama called “Kinoumeni Ammos” and, he is also starring in the TV show.

During 2007 – 2008, he starred in the series “Enas minas kai kati” directed by Vasilis Thomopoulos.

In 2016 we find him playing a part in the british TV show “The Durells”.

Theatrical Career

In the winter of 2003, Alexis Georgoulis starred in “To spiti feygei”, a play directed by Stamatis Fasoulis. The same year , he collaborated with the National Theatre and directed the Experimental Stage of the project “Good Luck ” by B. Katsikonouris.

During next year, he portrayed Jimmy Porter in John Osborne’s project “Look Back in Anger ” in Kivotos Theatre, directed by Antonis Kalogridis. Also, he held the role of Armand Duval in a remake of the classic work ” The Lady with the Camellias ” . The adaptation was made by Akis Dimou and the play was titled as ” Margarita Gautier travels tonight ,” with Pemi Zouni as a co-star.

Cinematic Career

In 2000, he had a role in the short film “Tou kanenos to rodo” directed by Giannis Galanoulis and one year later he played in “Avrio tha einai arga”  by Laya Yourgou and in “Fouska” directed by Nikos Perakis.

Two years later, in 2003, Alexis played in Michalis Reppas’ film “Oxygen”. For this role, he won the award for Best Film in 2003, from the International Federation of the Critics of Cinema. In 2005 he joined the film “Lioubi”, winning the award for Best Film in the International Cinema Festival in Houston.

Finally, in 2009 he co – starred in the film “My life in ruins” with Nia Vardalos and in 2015 he wrote the script and played in the film “Puppets”.

Alexis Georgoulis collaborates with Tonia Sotiropoulou in the film “Sirius”, written and directed by Georgoulis himself. The script is inspired by Miss Julie by August Strindberg and will bring the two heroes of the film -the daughter of a rich, corrupted man and her father’s driver- from London to Olympus.

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