“Roza of Smyrna” proves a big hit at the greek b.o.

cinepivates January 6, 2017 0

The film “Roza of Smyrna” by George Kordellas has proved a big success at the greek box office. In two weeks, the film made more than 200.000 tickets.

Lines were formed outside the cinemas that featured “Roza”. During the first week, the film made more than 110.000 tickets.


In the film, enigmatic old woman Rosa from Izmir and the powerful Ismael live for decades with the weight of a well-kept secret. An avid collector of Greek objects in Asia Minor, Dimitris, prepares an exhibition in a renowned museum in Athens on Culture of Nationalities who cohabited in Izmir before the population exchange. In a trip to Izmir with the curator of the museum and his girlfriend Rita, he accidentally finds in a small antique shop a Greek wedding dress that is stained with blood. An old photograph, a wedding dress soiled with blood and a letter, become the reason to retract their story from the past.

The period before Christmas has proved to be especially successful for greek films. Last year, Christopher Papakaliatis’ film “Words Apart” made more than 600.000 tickets and became the biggest success of the greek box office for 2015.

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