Perfect Strangers (Teleioi Ksenoi)

Αγγελική Στελλάκη December 21, 2016 0

A group of friends gathers to the house of a psychologists and her husband for dinner. During the evening, the friends will decide to play a game: What would happen if every one of them decided to share with every one the messages and phone calls that come to their cell phone? What would they have to hide and what would they be able to reveal?teloioi-ksenoi003

This is the main idea -which the film brings to its extreme- behind the italian comedy Perfetti Sconosciuti, a satire about ethos that moves in well-known cinematic places: it has to do with a group of friends that finds mistakes and secrets at a dinner table.

Thodoris Atheridis brings again to the screen the italian comedy -in greek this time-, following what the italian screenwriters wrote and succeeding in causing laughter through quotes and fast pace, succeeding also to make the viewer think about the small box on which we have based our whole existance.

The film has theatrical structure and Atheridis proves here that he is a good theatrical director -he has directed plenty of plays during the last few years. His film  works better when the actors are in closed places, rather than outside of them.


The big success of the movie is the cast itself and the chemistry between the actors. Some characters seem to be malformed, although most of the actors succeed in bringing to life their characters. Atheridis and Smaragda Karidi do something that they know well, although Makis Papadimitriou, Yiannos  Perlegas and Evaggelia Siriopoulou also shine.

There are a lot of “voices” against adapting to greek foreign movies. However, Perfect Strangers seems to work -and we never got to see the italian film in the greek cinemas. Mainly (the film seems to work) since the script is well written and follows the italian spirit.

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