Αγγελική Στελλάκη November 12, 2016 0

The much awaited film by Sophia Exarchou had its greek premiere at Thessaloniki Film Festival.


The film takes place in the Olympic Village in Athens, that some years after the Olympic Games seems to be in ruins. A group of children spend their days there: one of them takes care of dogs, while Dimitris works in the marble business of his mother’s boyfriend. She is an alcoholic that doesn’t seem to be aware of what is happening most of the time (she is played by greek actress/writer Lena Kitsopoulou).

In the beginning of the film we find the children running and playing. The winner of this strange “test” gets a wrath. Not in a glorious pedestal but in the ruins that the Olympic Games left behind. The symbolism is strong and not only for Greece (the Olympic Games took their toll on the greek economy bringing it at the brink of collapse).


The director uses the technical means of the film in a wonderful way (sound, photography, editing) and gives a movie full of energy and tension. Park has nothing to be jealous of in terms of production from big european productions.

The script is rather minimal: a few things move the plot forward and the viewer will feel at points that certain scenes are repeating themselves.

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