Orestis Andreadakis new artistic director of Thessaloniki Film Festival

cinepivates May 10, 2016 0

Thessaloniki International Film Festival nominated Orestis Andreadakis as artistic director of the Festival, based on the recommendation of the general director, Elise Jalladeau.

Orestis Andreadakis is a film critic and until now was the artistic director of the Film Festivals in Athens “Opening Nights”.

Andreadakis Orestis

In a statement, the Festival announced that there are going to be changes in its program.

After the announcement, changes are expetected also on the festival Opening Nights, as well as in the magazine “ΣΙΝΕΜΑ”, whose editor was Or.Andreadakis.

Dimitris Eipides (well known from Toronto Film Festival) was the previous artistic director of the Festival.

In a statement, the Festival noted that “with the page turning in management and taking into account the expanded annual activity of the organization, the general director and the board will immediately make changes that will reshape the structure of the festival program, establishing Programme Boards and Selection Film for both TIFF and the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival”.

The Festival notes that soon the Festival sections are going to have “experienced and professional staff that will work with the director on his tasks.”

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