Social thriller by greek director Avranas

cinepivates May 8, 2016 0

After “True Crimes” with Jim Carrey, greek director Alexandros Avranas (Miss Violence) comes back to Greece for a movie that takes place at a time of economic and refugee crisis.

Miss Violence 3

According to website Screen Daily, Avranas’ is getting ready to shoot  the film “Love me Not”, a social thriller.

The film revolves around a couple who hire a young female migrant to be a surrogate mother (it is said that Christos Loulis and Eleni Roussinou who starred in Miss Violence will star in the film). The couple asks the young woman to move with them in their luxury villa for the duration of her pregnancy. One night that the husband is away on business, his wife goes missing.

The film is a co-production by Faliro House and Les Films du Lendemain.

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