“Morning Patrol” by Nikos Nikolaides travels to Glasgow

cinepivates January 23, 2017 0

“Morning Patrol”, the film by greek director Nikos Nikolaides becomes 30 years old and travels to Glasgow Film Festival. The film is screened on the 25th of February at Glasgow as part of the Festibal Strand “Crossing the Line”. The protagonist of the film, actress Michele Valley will travel to Scotland to present the film to the audience.


A woman travels alone, through a destroyed and abandoned city. She wants to pass the Forbidden Zone and get to the sea but deceptive traps lurk everywhere. The Morning Patrol is guarding and they are hot on her trail. She is approached by one of the few survivors and having a fractured memory in common, they soon become close to one another. Together, they try to recall the past and make some sense out of this catastrophe. A story of love in an unbearable world, surrounded by violence and death… what point can it have?

Special screening in Athens

adaptation003The film will be also screened in Athens, in a screening for its 30 years. The screening will take place in the 1st Adaptation Film Festival on Saturday the 4th of February at Mikrokosmos cinema. Michele Valley will be there to talk about the film, together with the writer Iordanis Koumasidis. The journalist and film critic Angeliki Stellaki will moderate the disscussion.

The strange universe of the film by Nikolaides consists of writings from Raymond Chandler, Philip K. Dick, Daphne du Maurier and Herman Raucher.

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