Greek cinema takes center stage at Thessaloniki Film Festival

cinepivates November 5, 2016 0

With a programme that wants to prove that the success of greek cinema “is not a coincidental phenomenon but a steady dynamic that is constantly evolving and conquering new goals”, Thessaloniki Film Festival welcomes greek filmmakers, experienced and up-and-coming.


Trying to find its place in the Balkans (with a better understanding of the city and its audience), the 57th Thessaloniki Film Festival had to try and bring the best greek films of the season.

From Park and Afterlov, films that travelled abroad and did extremelly well in foreign festivals, to films showing for the first time in Greece (such as Amerika Square, Kissing?, The Other Me, Xamou, Thread), the greek section of the festival will move to Athens from Thessaloniki, giving the opportunity to Athenians to see the films as well.


The Festival turns also to an international audience, beginning a cooperation with Festivalscope, the international online platform from film professionals.

But the festival does not forget the history of greek cinema. Films deemed as classic (The Ogre of Athens by Nikos Koundouros, We Only Have One Life by Yorgos Tzavellas, Sweet Bunch by Nikos Nikolaidis, The Ones Across by Yorgos Panousopoulos and Spring Gathering by Dimos Avdeliodis) will be screened during the festival, hoping to illuminate a path that connects the past with the present towards the future of greek cinema.

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