Amerika Square

Αγγελική Στελλάκη November 12, 2016 0

In Amerika Square that lies in the center of Athens, live several strange people: Billy -a 40something tattoo artist- Tarek -a refugee from Syria- that tries to get to Germany with his young daughter and Nakos, a racist -a naive and rather foolish man, 38 years old who still lives with his parents, but can be rather dangerous.


Yannis Sakaridis sophomore movie (after his rather interesting debut “Wild Duck”) was screened at the 57th Thessaloniki Film Festival (as part of the competition section). Τhe so-called Casablanca of Athens is in the heart of a film that sometimes has its simplistic moments, but can more often than not uses it in its favor.

The film gives a fresh view of Athens (boasting a couple of great overview shots of America Square that are exceptional). Together with balanced performances from all the actors (Makis Papadimitriou in the role of a naive mother’s boy who longs for the old days in the square, Yannis Stankoglou fitting as a 40something rock n’ roller with social concerns and Vasilis Kokalani, wonderful as the refugee from Syria who has to give all his money in order to find safety), Amerika Square is definitely a step towards the right path for greek cinema.

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