Αγγελική Στελλάκη November 12, 2016 0

With a similar “logic” as “Kissing?” Afterlov by Stergios Paschos is again about a couple (ex-couple actually) that does not know if and how it can be together. Taking inspiration and characters from a short film of his (Elvis is Dead), Stergios Paschos brings his two characters, Sophia and Niko together in a closed space, in order to find out the reasons behind their break-up (at least that’s what he wants).


“Kissing?” protagonist Iro Bezou stars in Afterlov, together with Haris Fragoulis (Cloudy Sunday).

Sophia and Nikos stay inside, fight, try to communicate, can not communicate, fight some more, sleep, eat, talk about love and sex and try to find what took them apart. A very interesting idea, with a lot of work on dialogue and lines (the director worked the script together with the two actors in the way that Richard Linklater worked the Before Midnight script with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy). There are a lot of reminders of the “Before” trilogy: the main characters don’t take the streets but there are moments of brutal fighting that will remind some of the scene in the hotel in the Before Midnight film. Both seem like little children and have exceptional chemistry.


In the beginning of the film, Haris Fragoulis talks to the film crew, references the movie and the production means. I found this sense of self-reference rather excessive. The film is a rather interesting piece of cinema, a different genre that we might see exploring in the next years.

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