5 things that were great for greek cinema in 2016

cinepivates January 2, 2017 0

A lot of things happened for greek cinema during 2016 and we hope that in the next few years we are going to see a robust greek film production and more schools for film directors and producers.

Here are the 5 great things that happened for greek cinema in 2016:


More and more greek films and greek directors travel abroad. Park travelled to a lot of festivals globally and won awards in Brussels and elsewhere, Afterlov began its journey from Switzerland, Suntan also had a really good run abroad and Angelos Frantzis’ Symptom was also screened outside of Greece. Moreover, The Lobster by Yorgos Lanthimos took almost 9 million dollars on the US box office, while Alexandros Avranas directed a film with Jim Carrey.


Although Greeks are generally cautious with greek films, two greek films had a great run in the national box office. Worlds’ Apart by Christophoros Papakaliatis did 600.000 tickets, whereas Mythopathy did a decent 135.000 tickets. That comes after three years of stalemate in the greek box office for greek films.


The biggest greek festivals got a facelift. Orestis Andreadakis, former artistic director of the Athens Film Festival “Nyxtes Premieras” became artistic director to Thessaloniki Film Festival, while Loukas Katsikas took his place as artistic director in “Nyxtes Premieras”. Also, Elise Jalladeau became president of Thessaloniki Film Festival. These changes brought a change of pace in the two biggest festivals of Greece, which attracted younger audiences and showed the relationship of a festival with the city that hosts it.


ERT, the national broadcaster of Greece starts financing greek feature films, documentaries and short films after four years -mainly because of its closing. Also, the Greek Film Center starts to announce its financing programmes regularly, providing critical support to greek filmmakers.

The Greek Film Center started giving out on a regular basis its funding to greek films and greek co-productions. Furthermore, the GFC has a new, beautiful web-page that we hope will be informed regularly (http://www.gfc.gr/en/).

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